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Do you feel it’s reasonable when purchasing something extremely rare and valuable (like $10,000 USD+) to arrange with the seller to purchase but not pay or ship until authenticity can be verified by an authority?

This is something I’ve always wondered about. I feel like if I was selling I’d be ok with it but Most people I’ve done business with get pissed off and irritated if you question the authenticity of what they’re selling you, but with this particular type of item for how rare and valuable it is you could make three brilliant flawless replicas for the price you’re paying so in my mind it’s a pretty fair question.

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    Totally fair.

    If the other gets pissed imo he's either hiding something or he's used to some high level "gentlemen business", but in the latter case he must understand that remotely anyone could fake stuff.
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    Completely fair.
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    If I were paying that much for something I'd be going above and beyond that - I'd want to either see it in person or have a trusted expert take a look for me, and, unless I was there to complete the transaction in person, I'd likely also be going through an escrow service or solicitor to arrange the transfer.
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    Buddy that's obviously some sort of african or indian scam. Did they ask for a small advance/booking fee yet?
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    @molaram Nah, it's easy to spot those ones. You just have to check if they're polite and say "sir" a lot, if not, they're American :D
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    @Jilano "yes siree Bob"
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    @RememberMe Still not convinced... Shoot your gun in the air and say "yee-haw", please.
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    @molaram there’s no specific scam, just a general question. I’ve hesitated out of a lot of deals because there wasn’t enough time to get an expert to verify it. So when something is listed at a low price that’s where this becomes an issue. Because you know it’ll be sold in two hours so it’s like you need to conditionally purchase but hold for experts to see it and verify it. But if you don’t take that leap it’s gone so there’s nothing you can do. Of course you could always find one for 25k where that isn’t an issue but who wants to do that...
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    @molaram even if it’s an honest person if you do this you’re still fucking with them, honest or scam artist. And if it’s priced to sell you have to assume they want their money. So that’s why it’s tougher.
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    @FrodoSwaggins seems like a risk-tolerance thing, then. I guess it depends on how much the item and the 10K mean to you.
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    Sales pressure, one of the ways to get people to part with their money.

    Even getting experts to check something over, doesn't mean you are going to get the very thing they checked..

    If you can check the history of the person involved some, assuming you have live video footage of them to go on..

    I've met good scam artists, they are so good, you'd be hard pressed to know them from the real thing.

    Until after your money has gone !

    The other day, I got some fake branded toothpaste, now who sells fake toothpaste to make a buck !

    Lesson there, only buy toothpaste from main retailers..
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    @Nanos lol that’s insane

    If not for Covid normally I’d hop on a plane and do this transaction in person with a third party expert who can verify authenticity. It’s expensive to do that but worth it.
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    As long as the expert isn't a cousin of the person selling the item. :-)

    And no one swaps the box for one full of bricks..

    I'm reminded of someone I knew who got a whole container full of bricks..

    Well, mostly rubble..
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    Reminds me of places that have security seals for items in transit.

    Which for some reason, no one batters an eyelid when they arrive with broken seals !
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    That reminds me a company that stole another companies entire steel fabricated hanger building from an airport, via planes, to another country.

    When one of their employees spotted it someplace else, they asked for it back, and the company agreed as long as the authorities wasn't involved !
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    Then I'm reminded of all the soil stolen from Uganda via planes..

    When the president Idi Amin found out, he put a stop to it, but they never gave it back !
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