Top 10 figure company in a rich vertical in the EU market built their shit on top of a small startup's stack some 15 years ago and they still contract shit to said company whom over time have lost some of their domain names, which we promptly snatched off auctions or wherever just like we do with every single domain name mildly related to our vertical.

Now at this top notch awesome company there be some stupid bitches who apparently have no clue how to update their fucking contact list and keep sending shit to outdated email addresses.

So me gets logins to user databases, to PM apps, invoices, accounts, basically loads of crap which could rake in some 7 figures if I lacked enough spine to actually do something with said info.

So naturally I always send an e-mail back informing them of the mistake yet never got a thank you back for saving their buttholes from a scandal, public shaming and some fucking huge GDPR fines not to mention some 7-8 figures in lost business over such a information leak if it went public. I got no missed calls, no emails, I even checked my spam folder, nothing but the ol' indian spam there.

I don't understand why my cock isn't sucked 3 times a day over this shit. Like, they should have an entire HR department working 24/7 at hiring hot stupid bitches just to suck on my zucchini (initially typed eggplant but don't wanna get turned into hamburgers over this race nonsense spamming the news lately).

You're welcome ass boogers!

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