Time for a treat: a company I've applied to 16 years ago just went out of business due to bad management. Wasn't going to work there anyway because they were utter idiots but they turned me down because I took a piss at the CTO for being a wanker in some respects and also "your code formatting isn't what we expect from a senior programmer". Just placed a backorder for their domain name, will post some stupid goat sex shit there once it goes through. Cheers suckers!

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    ha! WIN. Fuck em dude. They already lost at their own stupid game.
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    Does formatting really show the capability of a dev?
    It's doesn't fucking have to look good, the client won't ever see it.
    Making the code look good should be optional.
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    @Ranchu I'd rather have good looking code with some bugs than a fucking abomination which runs bug free.
    Code formatting (independent of indentation char) matters because you or someone else will have to maintain it and not having it somewhat clean is like slowly smearing a warm turd into the eyes of the next dev.
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    @PonySlaystation comments suffice (?)
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    I agree you can't just have your code looking like a chinese salad of bat intestines with strawberry flavored worms. This was actually about 2 space vs 4 space indentation.

    I always use 4 spaces because I may chain across several lines so they're not too long yet still very readable. I cannot be convinced to switch to 2 spaces. So I shown the fucker 4 SQL injection vulns in a single controller they had and told them they'd better worry about security rather than code formatting... naturally, I shouldn't have had such audacity!
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    I hope you're my manager some day. Doesn't let any fuckery go on at all.

    We'll crown you king of the goats.

    @PonySlaystation I've always wanted to say just how much I love your username. It's so fucking fantastic.
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    Just commenting here in the hope, that once you got the domain that you’ll ping us here :)

    Oh and btw, I agree to you!
    (And I use arch, not that it matters, but yeah, u know...)
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