Why is this app crashing every few seconds? Its 2020 and I didn’t see a made in india notice anywhere?

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    Its because they didn't use machine language.
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    Perks of not being a native app.

    Some days are better then others, some days are miserable still.

    It has been better since the last update though.

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    I'm wondering what the devrant creators are working on.
    Haven't closed an issue in like half a year
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    Please make a tutorial explaining the link between a nation and an app crashing. Hope you stay polite in the tutorial ffs.
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    @Bybit260 I know, yes. I did get triggered. Nvm
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    @akshar National markets aren't the same, national education systems aren't the same. Why would product quality be the same? I think this is a reasonable subject for stereotypes.
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    @akshar I get a feeling you don't need a tutorial to recognize that most garbage software comes from india and/or indian developers, and also most software that comes from india/indian developers is garbage. Also most software scams too.
    Sorry (not sorry) for being this blunt, and in case you're now considering to start whining: it's not personal or a race thing.
    Would be happy if you weren't one of "them".
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    @molaram I'm not indian and that's still a bit painful statement. Anyhow, I completely agree that the current state of the Indian market effectively selects incompetent people and horrible quality products.
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    @molaram they have 1.353 billion people.

    The u.s. has something like 327 million.

    They probably have more incompetent programmers than we have programmers at all.
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    @Wisecrack hm, good reason.

    @molaram I see a lot of them around me. But that doesn't mean 100% are like that. There are many who gives there 200% and pulls off some amazing projects. ;)
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    @kindawonderful yeah I've met some too. Too bad they're so few.
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    What about the "made with electron" mark?

    Or "powered by JavaScript"? ;)
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    @jespersh They're working on making a living, probably. Something that Devrant won't help with.
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