After learning programming for about 6 months I made an URL-shortener app.

The tech-stack includes React, Node.js and PostgreSQL.

I would like to hear you guys' opinion


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    Of course the live version can be viewed at Https://tinylink.larapollehn.de 😄
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    dunno much about js/ts, I'm not a web dev, but I like the elephants
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    Nice! Just wondering why you have to sign up?
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    Elephants don't like anonymoose.
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    poor tuffi 😢
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    @SortOfTested I hate that I smirked at that one
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    @ScriptCoded I wanted to practice user auth and a main feature is that users can see a statistic of how often a link was clicked in the last week.
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    Few observations

    1. Token missing in the header should return 401 instead of 403
    2. Do you also same original URL to be tinified multiple times? Otherwise, you could set a constraint
    3. The minifier takes a slice of the sha2 output of your input and it may cause collisions
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    So quick look at your repo (specifically the ci file), and it looks like you have your servers private key in this repo.

    Plus if understand your deployment code. Your prod databases credentials are just the default Postgres ones?

    Be careful, someone else with this info can cost you lots of money.

    Otherwise looks really top notch! Good work :)
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    @python3 That is actually a good mention. My RSA private key is encrypted with AES. But I still should not let it be in the git repo...

    And for the production database password. I will note it for my next project... I never though the app will get so much attention at all
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    Congrats! You've earnt the privilege to call yourself Senior Full-stack Devops Engineer on Linkedin.

    (but srsly, well done)
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