I got an email from an iPhone 6s performance throttling class action lawsuit. How did these stupid douchebags that think making a phone last longer is a suable offence get my email and know I have one of these? If anything I think I should be suing the proprietors of this lawsuit for however they illegally obtained my personal information and private business transaction records. I’m not interested in your fucking money, I actually understand engineering trade offs.

Seriously does anyone know how these jack offs got a list of iPhone 6s owners and up to date email contacts? I have a different email for everything so literally only Apple had this email... and I created it within the last year.

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    No idea, but I'm curious!
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    @Jilano asked my roommate, likely case (though I truly don’t know) is a court ordered Apple to disclose the list so they could pursue the class action suit.

    Needless to say I’m way, way against this case.
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    @FrodoSwaggins Whoa, what a stupid arse decision
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    @Jilano I truly despise the lawyers that cook up these cases. Nobody fucking noticed their phone was slower.

    The alternative is Apple could have not throttled performance and your phone would brown out at 60% battery when it’s cold outside. They did people a favor and extended the lifetime of the expensive purchase. That said, they’ve added a feature so users can tell if their phone was throttled and from what I heard the vast majority of users had not even hit that case.

    It makes me pissed off that people can be willfully ignorant of that so they can earn $6.

    I bought my iPhone 6S 5 years ago. It’s still my daily driver, no issues whatsoever.
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    It's only close to suable because of the shady ways in which apple went about it.

    Just send a press release or something saying "ayo people with shitty tastes in a phone, we know you're broke as fuck bc we charge way too much for this piece of shit brick, so we're gonna throttle the performance just a bit and it'll last longer before we end up over charging you for another piece of shit brick."

    Nah Im joking. But from what I understand (which isn't a lot because I don't care), they were hella shady with it instead of just being honest.

    Seems unnecessary to be shady, their users are already balls deep into the ecosystem and aren't gonna leave. Just be straightforward, eat the backlash as if it were a right hand jab and get on with life as if nothing happened.
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    @Stuxnet class action lawsuits in general are total horseshit. I know someone who's big into the stock market and they got one from some people were tryna sue a company because they lost money in the stock market. It's fuckin stupid asf
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    @Stuxnet That was savage. Yeah I think it’s because they didnt tell users or something idk. But still as you say horse shit because with how fast A9 was for the time I’ll be god damned if it wasn’t still faster than all the competition even at throttled performance.
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    The lawsuit's primary argument is that Apple *hid the information* on purpose because they thought it would lead to more sales of newer devices. Some internal Apple communications backed this up.

    So regardless of the fact that the feature was engineered into it for a good reason, they deceived their customers on purpose to make newer purchases more attractive. That's the argument of the lawsuit. Not that throttling is bad.
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    From what I've seen so far, class action lawsuits usually result in peanuts for the participants. The only ones winning big are the lawyers.
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    @SomeNone that’s the main reason I have a problem with this and the main reason I’m not going to let them use me. And why I’m super mad that they got my contact info. Reading that email was just honestly an offensive waste of time
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