I'm so tired of people leaving reviews on products they haven't tried.

"The product arrived. I can't say much because I haven't tried it yet.."

"I'm not sure if it's effective because it just arrived."

"Good. Hope it works."

Did someone point a gun to your head and forced you to write a fucking review? I've been ordering shit from this site for several months now and no one has ever told me, "Hey, leave a review or your pubic hair will turn into barbed wire." Fucking nobody said that to me.

The only reason I can find is that the site gives points to people who leave reviews. Those points, as little as they are, can be collected and used to buy stuff. You goddamn peasants. You did this for some goddamn points? How about you stop buying things you can't afford and leaving shitty reviews that aren't even real "reviews".

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    Reviewers are some of the most stupid and annoying type of people. Dont get me started on people that reviews apps, people that pay for good reviews and people that leave shitty reviews on their competitors product.
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    @Frederick The best review I read is for a hemorrhoids cream. She praised the product so well and then said, "It's super effective! If I can just post a picture of my bum, I'll do it."
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    @rutee07 Pics or it didnt happen
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    1 star reviews in technical books are some of my favorites.

    "I have not read the book, but one page was horribly bent and now has the mark"

    why? why fuck with the author in such unfair way? it ain't like the dude did that to your fucking book.

    reviewers are stupid.
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    @Frederick Link to the product: https://bit.ly/2ZVp14m


    I just read it again, she said "bump" (reference to hemorrhoids) instead of "bum". Lol.
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    @AleCx04 "Oh my god, I reached page three and all I see are lists of topics so I stopped reading it. Where are the actual contents? Worst three pages of my life!"
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    "The product didn't arrive yet but I see other people have good opinions about it so here are my 5 stars"
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    What about the Amazon questions that have answers like "I don't know." WHY would you answer the question if you don't know? Do you think your answer will help anyone??
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    Scientific reviews in a nutshell. 😐
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    because amazon keeps sending mails to write a review until you did it.
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    @AleCx04 these people are right up there with house shoppers that complain the house is perfect, but I don't like the paint color.

    I had someone try to low-ball me because they insisted they had to repaint the rooms in the house because they didn't like the colors.

    We offered to paint the rooms the colors they wanted if they would pay asking price.

    Yeah... They took a pass. Fucking retards. Wasted my time and effort.
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    Loved it!
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    I've seen people on eBay giving one start feedback, just because their purchase with (FREE SHIPPING), arrived in a month. What the fuck did they expect?
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