Ok, Just Imagine this. You are assigned to add a simple function in an application, using which the company can download user data which was provided by user in that app initially.

Now first twist come, when you realize the Auth system of user is not working. You fix it, and again realize email verification process is not working, which is preventing user to get registered on a first place. You again fix it, and again new problem occurs that user cannot enter detail because he/she is restricted. What the hell, is this some kind of bhul bhulaiyaa or what.

And this shit modern web frameworks, they are meant to make life easier, but half of the time i have to fight against them.

And last honourable mention to continuous disturbance of internet connection. Whenever i am installing any dependencies or want to have quick google search, it goes away. All thanks to work from home state.

I really think now to be a monk and go to do meditation in himalayas. What a life goss !

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