INTEL SPIES ON US: https://youtu.be/HNwWQ9zGT-8

is this also true for AMD, I need your help. How much do you know about Intel ME and AMD PSP?

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    the Intel ME is running minix, which makes it the most running os in the world. it can send, recieve data without knowlegde, can read and midify data in the ram and on disks. the psp is unknown but it seems to fo the same, but the me had more security holes that made it easier to analyse.
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    That's some flat earth level shit right there. Haven't read or watched videos about the findings yet but just listening to this guy makes me doubt what he says.

    Well I will definitely read up that and maybe I was wrong with my statement.
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    @fuckwit Oh this has been known for years haha. This is the reason that most privacy focused laptops/pc's come with the intel management thing disables :)
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    @fuckwit what he says is mostly true, the only differences i saw are:
    - me is operating on negative ringlevels
    - minix is open source, but nobody is required to publish modifications
    - the us gouvernment does not get special cpus, they have an patch for the me that disables most parts, since an removal or complete disable breaks the cpu.
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    @linuxxx @stop I know that the ME isn't secure or whatever by any stretch of the imagination but the thing is: if they were to spy on us with that. They would need a way to send that data to them. So he says that the me has access to networking. So in the event that it would send stuff out you would be able to see that on your next router. This would have triggered a few more people far more quickly.

    So yes this thing has flaws. And many of them. And they could be used by malicious software. But Intel itself actively spying on us? I still highly doubt that.
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    intel: very probable not
    usa: probable
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    We need opensource CPUs, the day RISCV desktop CPUs becomes available to the masses, I don't think it twice before buying it. I really want to see a RISCV laptop.
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    @fuckwit Exactly, it takes minimal effort to detect any unexpected traffic on the router before it leaves your network. If there was any merit to spying through ME, those articles would contain not only a guide to detect outgoing packages, but also a guide to blocking them on a network level.
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    @hitko a netfilter-armed gateway should do :) I mean even if minux is using a separate network stack, it still has to use at least osi3 to get out off my network to the internet... And netfilter is there to catch it
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    1'30 : it also runs its own proprietary OS called minix which is closed source.

    Minix is open source... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    @react-guy if I recall well it runs a minix-*based* os, which IS closed-source
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    @netikras they are not required to publish their modifications as per license.
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    I edited so much my comment that I made it grammatically wrong. Also the punctuation is horrible. How didn't I noticed..
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