I have emails which I receive from job sites like indeed and others, mainly because I'm too lazy to unsubscribe.

However, the amount of ads for a "senior" developer is astounding. Then seeing salary range they are offering stuns me everytime.

At least 80% of the ads don't compensate in salary for who they are wanting to hire.

The salary range for these "senior" devs is a salary range for a junior dev or maybe sometimes even an intermediate dev, but def not a senior dev.

If you cannot afford to hire a senior dev, don't advertise for one.

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    IBM GS offshore seniors routinely have a take-home of $4/hr.

    It is impossible to compete with people who have no qualms behaving unethically and are empowered to ignore the rules of society. That includes the people that enable that sort of exploitation.
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    This is the truth, we're slowly going down the tubes from the decent income levels towards the bottom. Maybe because now every kid and his dog can write code? At least management seems to believing in that.
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    Its ridiculous, even driving for uber or working as a plumber or electrician pays better than software development. This pisses me off every damn time i think about this so thanks for reminding me dude
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    You probably saw an advertisement for hiring in India 😂.
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    First, you need to have a need for a Senior dev.
    I would say the FIRST developer you hire should be a senior to properly initialize dev process, configure environment, devops, pielines etc.
    After that you’ll need 3-4 Juniors, managed by Senior dev, and then when you have budget hire a second senior.
    From first 3-4 juniors, fire 2 less performing.
    Now you have a good starting point for any TI project.
    Throw in the mix one QA engineer (depending on your budhet).

    And if budget allows : someone to manage front end (design and dev). Ideally 2 different persons, but hey, start with a good front end dev
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    I have no issue with hiring seniors, but when they advertise for a senior and offer 20/hr sort of wonder what type of senior they are trying to hire.
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