We should remove ++ alltogether. Pointless feature.

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    How else are we going to buy the white tiger then? 😱😱😱

    Also, we need a dragon as well in the pets. Tihihihihihi.
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    Your dick is a pointless feature.
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    Yes, let's only keep - -
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    @NoMad with bribes.
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    @ScriptCoded "White tiger unlock at 20000 downvotes"


    Everything unlocked at 0 downvotes, and you will lose certain items by certain amount of downvotes.
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    @Frederick as someone who's controversial and gets down vote often, I can't get anything then. No. I do not want that system 😛
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    I think there was a time when there was no ++ , i think it was just “like”without numbers, may be my memory is little fuzzy on this
    I am surely remember there was no - - before
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    @NoMad Really? i have only been like downvoted like 2-3 times as i remember, but i guess thats a benefit of being a nobody 😛.
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    @Frederick or, you didn't notice the downvotes on an existing and upvoted post. Like, you see the number going down but you don't see the notifs of upvotes changing. I came across it once or twice by chance and I've noticed it more since then.
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    @NoMad Maybe i have only noticed it a few times on myself, but i have seen it a lot on some of the more known members on here a lot more.

    But i usually dont really care about people, that hidesbehind the anonymous downvote function, rather than using the comments to prove me wrong.
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    @NoMad Yeah, downvotes actually seem pretty common. I don't pay them any mind; everyone is entitled to their opinion.
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    Seriously though, what is the point? Unlocking digital goods? Proxy for expertise in general or being funny? Not to mention most of the rotten joke/memes come from upvote whores.

    And for fuck’d sakd @dfox, just let us completely remove notifications of upvotes, new comments on a topic I shat on last week. I just want to be notified when someone mentions me.
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