I am currently powered by Lo-Fi hip hop and literally nothing else

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    Same homie, Steezyasfuck > ChilledCow tho
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    Give recommendations
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    If you like rap, Powfu has good lofi rap. There's a few others too
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    @Stuxnet favorite songs by powfu?
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    @Dreamr yes.

    They're all pretty good lol

    Ig if I had to pick I could never be loved is good
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    Obviously Jinsang
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    I've been doing instrumental ska when cycling of late. Really good for overworking and passing out.

    Also nerdcore, but that's an acquired taste.

    Lots of points to be had around here just bumping YG on loop.
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    @SortOfTested YG do be bangin tho
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    Blackmill for chill step.
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    Me too, Lofi or classical music, stuff from IBI, Schubert, and really depressive LoFi.
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    Tried lofi, didn't work to motivate me.
    Went into the complete opposite direction. Scarlxrd and stuff
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