Too many people are such unreliable pieces of shit. I am tired of getting up and working with Charles Bukowski developers who think code is everything, teaching juniors who might be better off not learning this shit at all, and talking to managers who pretend to care more about your safety.

The lies you tell us. The lies you tell yourselves. I'm so tired of the lies and the hidden agendas. I'm tired of mistrusting people but at the same time, I can't fucking help it. Every goddamn time I think "this person's pretty cool", I find out that they are lying or hiding something. Same shit, different package. A decent person is almost too good to be true.

I understand that in a business setting, you can't always tell the truth but some lies are unnecessary. You don't have to be super friendly to someone you don't like, just deliver the fucking product and quit it with your "we are family" kind of bullshit. I don't understand why you make your lives harder and why you find it so hard to tell the truth.

I'm fucking disgusted. I don't want to work anymore. I don''t want to talk to anyone anymore. I just want to quit this fucking job and sleep in my room for weeks.

Everyone lies. Nothing makes sense. There's no fucking hope. Give up, you dreamy cunt.

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    @rutee07 couldn't have said it better. Tho, surprizingly calm for a RuteeRant™
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    Someone once said: if you knew what that person knew, if you were in that person's environment [in his shoes], you would have said and done the same thing he said and did.

    There's plenty you don't know that manager does. There's plenty of things steering him to make decisions he does and say things he does.
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    "I don't understand why you make your lives harder and why you find it so hard to tell the truth."

    Sadly, because for some people it's simply ingrained. Lying is seen as "just part of the job", and the increasing blur between business and personal time forces an unhealthy expectation that your colleagues are always your friends & family - they're not, of course, as they'll often stab you in the back the first time it puts you down a leg and them up a leg.

    My approach is to simply stay polite, but also distanced & neutral. Mentally reject these supposed offers of friendship in a work setting. Maintain that personal / professional boundary until someone's loyalty & friendship *really* comes to the test - and only *actually* trust them after the point they've proved they'll tell the truth & take the hit even when they had the opportunity to pass the buck & avoid the reprimand.
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