My new article about how to lose your personality trying to be an overhyped “10x engineer”:


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    I see dev.to
    I nope out.
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    The first time I read about"10x" engineer... it seemed like a meme that was intended to mock the entire concept.

    It took me a while to realize it was serious...

    Most of the 10x engineer descriptions seem kinda horrible.
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    @uyouthe so what's your build? I've spent all my status points to Charisma, i find it very useful to go along well with work politics 😎
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    @N00bPancakes That's because 99% people are too stupid to even understand what exactly the "10x" was referring to, and instead ramble about some made-up nonsense.
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    Re: Root's comment

    Dev.to is kind of cancerous. It's mostly people on the left third of Dunning-Kruger curve; low experience and tends to be have a lot of thought policing. They contribute strongly to increasing the general amount of unauthoritative bullshit floating around our profession.
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    Hell no
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