--ye old plague be plaguing still... My suburb is marked as a hotspot--
Manager:you have to come in to the office.
Manager:business says not enough devs in office.

Arrive at work, not allowed to sit at my desk. So I choose an open desk.

Me: so can I setup my screens here and keep this desk?
Manager: no, cause we are sharing desks.
Me: cool.

So I start sitting at a different desk every time I'm told to come in to the office

Manager: I suggest you come sit here at this desk.
Me: why can't I sit at this other desk that's not full of someone else's shit?
Manager: someone else is going to sit there now.

I came in to the office today... And sat even further away.. Am I petty... Yes. The principle is that when I wanted stability after having to come in to the office he refused to give it. Now that I'm sitting away from my team, he wants to suddenly act in charge and tell me where to sit? I'm getting a little tired here... And why am I even here?

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    Mostly there for the pay, it would seem. Not totally unreasonable.

    That said, if he's willing to disregard your health for "the business's" convenience, he obviously doesn't care if you live or die and views you as having the same amount value and replaceability as tissue paper. You do not owe that place anything, and should be looking to leave.
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    There's a workaround, you know..

    "I was in touch with someone who has the covid and I am required to self-quarantine for the next 2 weeks. I cannot come to the office"
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    > Manager:business says not enough devs in office

    Question to manager/business: is the work getting done or not?
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    @SomeNone some workplaces are state subsidized. Employees working inan office in a Technocenter” by the state is necessary for tax exemption. The reason might be that.
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    @SortOfTested I feel you, and I am looking, the only sadness is I'm really attached to my team... But I'm not one to stick around where I'm not respected.
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    @netikras ironic... I was in contact with someone who is getting tested today 🤣
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    @SomeNone the question was raised, but not answered... We are all waiting for much anticipated feedback... But either way, I'm one foot out the door anyways...
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    @GhostDev so there you go.. you have a strong card you can play ;)
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    @netikras and I sent out communication, but have yet to receive feedback... But either way self isolating and respecting everyones health... Secretly I hope they realize the fault in their ways... But I know this is a naive thought...
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