Hi guys, I am thinking about create a text based RPG game. The idea is still in process but I really want to start with this. My programming experience is limited but I have some knowledge in html5, css and some python. My idea is to create the web version first, with an MMO system.

The question is: Would it be possible to create a game like this using html, css and some programming language?

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    sure, i think it's called outwar & a shit ton of clones
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    yes, doesnt sound to bad. There have been html5 games with gui.
    text based should definitly be possible, I guess. MUDs have been online since before the internet (checkout Last-Outpost.com for one with a nice web client)
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    I think you can find more text-based community around chat platforms like Discord and IRC servers. :)

    Luckily, Discord has everything for producing visual cue if you want more than text (generate and send images, if you want more styling). Library for operating Discord bot in Python is called discord.py.

    About IRC: you can host bot on freenode and The MUD Coders Guild, I guess (never did that myself, so can't guarantee).
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    Yes it is possible.
    Just with HTML and javascript you can do it.
    As it is a very simple game, I would suggest to NOT go down react route.
    But also, as fun as it sounds, you won’t have much “pro” or”paying” users.
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    Nice.I'll take a look at it
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    That is a good option. The only problem is that I feel that with a web page I have more freedom.
    I'll keep that in mind anyway
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    You may want to start by looking at existing implementations like glk API.
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    @guarrions Using something creative in constraints isn't that hideous - one might say constraints help you to bring it faster to life.

    There is only so much to improve with web bundle, and yet it's a coin about two sides.
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    Things like :



    The West

    Come to mind,
    this isn't a new concept, but it takes a fair amount of work to get something up and running.
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    @C0D4 I know that it will take time but
    I'm not in a hurry so I can take my time with this.

    Pd:Thank you for the links, I will take a look.
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    That is my idea for side project I never found time for. I was aiming more to the singleplayer mode that allows you offline play with option to save progress. Had Lone Wolf gamebooks in mind since I played LoneWolf homebrew games on my DS decade ago and they were awesome!

    Dude you can do it, just be stubborn and have a lot of fun along the way!
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