I wonder if it even makes sense to save my paid leaves. A lot of my tasks are blocked due to access issues that the support team have been dragging on for weeks. I'd rather take this as an opportunity to sleep all day knowing that someone's deadline isn't dependent on me.

On the other hand, so many flights are on sale for next year and my human has been eyeing every country's border like a hawk. The thought of brewing beer at the beach is too tempting. It would have been my first time getting out of the country and I wouldn't pass up the opportunity of someone holding my leash while I bark at and attempt to bite random people in different countries. I just wish he was here with me but at the same time, I'm glad he's in a place that have more access to nature he can explore instead of being in the depressing city where I live.

Meanwhile, my place is looking better than ever. Grout? All white. Balcony? All grass. My kitchen is almost complete. I have six one-month old cherry tomato plants and I have four other types of plants waiting to sprout their first leaves.

I've been trying to get a hold of some local materials and try to come up with a hydroponics system that would support local products and suit small apartments well. Something that doesn't require much attention with some automation too. I'm thinking about several things I can do to earn money so I can quit this goddamn job that I don't care about.

I'm tired of having to be "present" in "class" like a school kid just to earn money even when there's nothing to do. "Oh, but you can always do this and that, learn this and that." I don't give a fuck, man. The shit I want to learn has nothing to do with my current job.

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