Dear uTorrent
Stop constantly opening my browser, I literally do not care about your update

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    I highly suggest switching to qBittorrent (or Deluge, Transmission, etc.)

    uTorrent did lots of shady stuff (e.g. bundle some shit with the program), I don't think it's wise to keep putting your trust in there.
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    uTorrent has turned into an ad-infested nightmare. Get rid of it while you can! I second the suggestion of qBittorrent.
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    utserver -- no ads, no magic, no nothing - just a plain simple µTorrent client ;)
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    Certified Transmission Gang bruh moment (c)
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    Qbittorrent also works.

    Brave has a built in torrent system as well
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    transmission gaaaaaaaaaang
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    Use qBittorrent, it’s open-source and it’s ad-free
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