Holy fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.
I just played Russian roulette on 300$ phone by accident.
If it went wrong no joking the phone would be DEAD. Like hardware dead.

So how the fuck did i do this ?

Yeah you see. Im working on mainlining this phone with friend and i worked on MMCC driver needed for display. So i did the driver and friend did DTS stuff.
He got it working on his phone that different then mine since we are mainling 2 platforms. Anyways.
He sent me panel driver.
So i get it build and flash it on phone. Run it.
The screen just went blinking.
It got hot quick.
So i turned it off. Then i realized my mistake.
He did DTS for his panel.
I didnt change compatible of the panel node in my DTS.

So what happened was that the phone was using driver for the different phone.
And kernel developers will know how terrible that can go. It can break the panel.
Meaning phone without screen.
And as you can imagine that WOULD SUCK.

So well luckily it seems everything is fine and the phone survived it.

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    Ah, hardware. Never gets old.

    I recently flashed the wrong firmware and almost broke a few tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment...

    Thankfully heatsinks are a thing and I was able to shut everything down before junction temperatures got too hot.

    Apparently it's happened to others in my group too, let's just say a lot of things about that hardware are ambiguous...but still, the panic was all too real.
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    @RememberMe Oh yeah. I can imagine.
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    @NoToJavaScript What does that have to do with this? He's developing drivers, that always has risks, but that doesn't make it any less scary.
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    One of many reasons I detest working with hardware. No thanks!
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    @NoToJavaScript What even ?

    Like WTF man ? I develop driver for a freaking linux kernel because i want to have the phone running Mainline linux.

    As RememberMe said. There is always risk with that.

    Also before you shit over someones work. Be sure that you can do better then them.

    If you think you can. Go ahead tell me why my nt36672a panel is blue.
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    @Root Its not that bad. I was just really tired and missed it. If i wasnt tired i would be smarter and not miss such an obvious thing.
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    @Haxk20 @RememberMe that seems to be a reference to something, as i was gonna make the joke because "russian roulette." I forget what from, though.
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    @Haxk20 Yes, but there are lots of things, and most of them are not so easy.
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    Damn , hardware people are always doing so fascinating experiments :D
    Are you building the next Mobile OS? Like fuschia and stuff?
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    @StopWastingTime no. Just porting mainline Linux kernel. And testing it In postmarketOS
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