Question, how do you use google search..

No, really. :-)

I thought if you wanted a specific word, you stuck a + in front of it.

So if I wanted to find:

maggi catering pack +lumpy

I could actually find some matches where they talked about it being lumpy, and perhaps told me how to not suffer lumps !

Instead I get things like this example in the first returned search result:

> missing: catering ‎+lumpy

Then why bloody show me it then !

Seems I'm not the only one suffering..

> How to force Google Search
> to search for my query?

Anyone show me how its done ?

The search thing, and also how to cook the soup without lumps would also be great. :-)

Yes I tried YouTube, couldn't find an example..

I even asked in online games, but the only answer I got was, if you can't cook or use google, give up..

Never cooked powdered catering pack soup before.

So. :-)

My first thought is to try cooking it like I do gravy powder, boil water, then sprinkle slowly on top and stir whilst doing it, then the gravy doesn't go lumpy.

Will the same work for soup ?

Thought, why not ask first, before making another batch of lumpy soup..

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    When google misbehaves I go to
    https://Google.com/advanced_search and force my will on it.
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    A bit better, finds more results, but still gives me ones without the lumpy word..

    I always have trouble finding the advanced search thing..
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    @Nanos if you want the word - quote it with double-quotes ["some phrase"].

    Usually works for me better than the + thingie
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    @netikras This is how I do it too. I noticed that when you click the option to exclude results that are missing a word, it would surround the word in quotes automatically. So I started doing that when searching on my own. I don't think the plus does anything, if it ever did.
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    That helped, I used:

    maggi catering pack "lumpy" soup

    That finds all of 8 results..

    Only one of which mentions lumpy in any vaguely useful like way, saying they too also get lumps..

    Oh well, at least we now know how to find what there is out there, even if there isn't an answer !

    And we thought google had all the answers to every possible question. :-)

    But, I have asked on the Dark Web..

    So, maybe they have more answers !

    FX [ Checks, finds only 2 replies to his question, waits till later to check for more. ]
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    The reason it's so hard to find things that will naturally have very few results is because providing lots of results, regardless of the user's needs, is how a search engine makes its money. Lots of results equals additional context for advertisement. Lots of results equals greater potential for secondary clickthroughs, which means the search engine can promise traffic and engagement to people whose data is indexed.

    It's super shitty.
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    nope, you need to enclose the word that it can't ignore in quotes.

    like this:

    search for this phrase "without" "ignoring" "these" "words"
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