When I was a junior, one of my seniors told me "Don't work too fast and don't be too good. You'll have a hard time catching up with yourself in the long run." Of course, the naive and super passionate edge lord that is me thought it was a ridiculous advice. You want me to perform less on purpose? You're crazy.

So I hired a Gen Z with zero experience and he performed better than any of our experienced developers. I'm such an open-minded, amazing, and pure-hearted recruiter. That dumb kid would have starved to death if it wasn't for me and the company would have succumbed to bankruptcy if I didn't have such good judgment.

Bow down to me, bitches. I'm the LinkedIn Queen, Recruiter Extreme.

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    i dont get it?
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    Recruit me
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    I seem to have lost something between the lines, could you explain an irony please?
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    I don't get it either. You went from "naive junior" to "recruiter taking in a Gen Z" but the naivety doesn't seem to be explained?

    Which was the part when you learned that not working at 100% is actually the sane thing to do?
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    @Hazarth I was in the middle of telling an actual story (first paragraph) and caught myself acting like an inspirational wisdom-packed leader like those LinkedIn virtue signalling bullshit so I just let it happen and completely derailed to the stuff I see on that site (second paragraph).
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    Put it's brain back into place before ranting you braindead chimp!
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    Crazy story. Not going to buy this book
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    @rutee07 lol, I see, this classifies as a piece of art then :)
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    @mpie Hey, man. Welcome back.
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    @rutee07 thanks :)
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    @mpie neither will I, but still better lovestory than Twilight!
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