Hi devRant, this is my first post so don't kill me :P,
What language do you recommend to start learning game development? I'm pretty good in Java and C#, I was told that to use C++, because everyone uses it, but to be honest I'm not that comfortable in it.
Thanks for any comments! :)

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    * kills you *

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    I'd stick with C# personally
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    Depends on the type of game dev.
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    * dead *

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    Nothing special simple 3D game so I can learn how to do things, I have some beginner experience, but I want something that I can build upon. Maybe some kind of voxel based game?
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    If you want to build an engine, then probably C++ (or Rust 😉).

    But I wouldn't recommend that. Just stick with something easier. Download Unity and mess around in C#.
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    Godot, start with scripting, move to C++. Access to full source code so you can see under the hood.
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    +1 for @Demolishun

    Godot is where you should start
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    Only way to get more comfortable is to use it more.
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    C++; it’s what everything is written in and will give you good foundations.

    For engines, Godot seems to be a decent choice. Don’t write your own, at least right away. It’s a good learning project for later.

    Unity also seems decent, but honestly I’d avoid them simply because of the lock-in. Total props and respect for what they’ve accomplished, however!
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    I used C++ when learning graphics programming. I think I would have started with C# if ou already know it, because I doubt you'll be creating the next Unreal Engine at this point anyway. When you have got the concepts under control and this is a career path you want to follow then move over to C++ like a pro. My 2 cents.
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    What kind of game do you want to make? If you already know C# then Unity is quite easy to pick up and it has no bias towards a specific genre. Tinker around with it at least, the basic version is free.
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    That's what I want to know too.
    I have a website and an app for my site is my dream.
    But I don't how to, it seems very complicate.
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    Do you want to build the game or the game engine? If it's only for creating games, Unity with it's C# is more than enough to create good indie games
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    For starters, I wouldn't start by building an engine. I'd reserve that to when you have experience working with an engine or two. If you just want to write scripts for games, the language to choose depends on your choice of engine (for Unity C#, for most others I'm familiar with C++). However, if you want to one day build that engine, I'd recommend C++ or Rust. It seems to me that Rust is getting ever more popular by the day in the game industry, so if I were you, I'd take a look at it. But honestly, whatever floats your boat.
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    Honestly? Go for C# with unity, they've got great free tutorials with videos attached and all kinds of learning resources.
    Also, the unity API is relatively easy/medium to learn so it's good for beginners.

    If you've always been on a 2D space the additional Z axis(dimension) will possible be the reason of some future confusion for you.
    I recommend writing a script that creates a 16*16*16 cube made out of primitive cubes.
    all you need is 3 loops for each axis that place a cube at coordinate x,y,z.
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    Welcome. This is the most hated beginner question in the programming community and you absolutely deserve to be killed, but since you asked nicely..

    Pick a language that allows you to build the thing you immediately want to build.

    If you don't want to build anything yet and you're just learning because you have some starry eyed bullshit notion that learning a language will make you learn money, do yourself a favour and rid yourself of that. A language is a tool to build things. If you have nothing to build, you have no business learning any language.

    Learn programming. Not programming languages.
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    Thanks for all comments!
    I'm definitely not looking to build my own game engine at this point, I started using godot like many of you suggested and I really like it. Again thanks for all your help!
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    I'd say Java since it doesn't bind you to a platform!
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    C# doesn't either, for the record. It's also won out over java in the game space.
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    @SortOfTested Missed the game part 😅

    But i haven't seen C# on other platorms performing as good yet..
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    C# isn't bound to dotnet framework anymore. Godot, unity, even ultima online shards.

    Dotnet definitely shreds spring boot on APIs in terms of perf. I have some micronaut gRPC services that are faster per request, but they're not doing the same work.
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