As a junior dev my coworkers pointed out that I never complain when they do because new changes are requested and the work load increases, my answer is that my first and only job before this one was at a call center for over 3 years and there wasn’t idle time between calls besides my right to go 2 times to the restroom and a 1 hour lunch (not paid), only 1 day off in business days and zero tolerance for mobile phones on the operations floor (we had lockers and you were fired on the spot if any notification or ringtone was heard) and everything was blocked in the computers even the clock in the tool bar (advice: if you press F5 in windows note pad it prints the time). So now I appreciate so much my freedom to manage my time and free internet access, better pay and work only monday-friday, I just can’t find enough reasons to complain.

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    That notepad thing was interesting. Thanks. I started my career in support although not the type where you take calls the entire work day. We still write code but we have shifting schedules and also triage. There are times when we can't go home until an issue is fixed. These days, it's easy to rollback and call it a day.

    I hated being on-call. I appreciate my work a lot better now. Every time anyone at my current job treats me the same way I was treated back then, that's one of the few times I actually complain.

    A lot of the things my colleagues complain about are no big deal for me but whatever works for them, I guess. Give it a few months though. Haha. These days, an unscheduled meeting pisses me off when back then, it was the norm.
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    Actually, if somebody wants to complain, he can complain about anything & everything. But if someone wants to appreciate, almost nothing would also feel like almost everything
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    I don't quite understand. "Complaining" about changing requirements that make changes more costly is fair, as it invalidates the original estimation and planning.

    I've also never felt "I've seen worse/it could be worse" is a valid counter to criticism. Taken to its logical conclusion, only the person at the absolute bottom world wide would be allowed to speak up. And nothing would ever improve.

    How about this for an alternative interpretation of your coworkers: "Our company-wide teamwork can be improved. Come support us with your voice, too."
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    @VaderNT I see your point but let me put it this way, the main activity of my coworkers is watching anime and youtube because there’s mostly idle time, when there’s actually work to do for them is like “ugh I have to pause my personal stuff to do work”. Then they do it very slow because they stilI watch anime and stuff, I have a lot of idle time too but I’ve been using it to improve my coding skills and started writing tests there were none for the existing code base and refactoring ugly code
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    In short: Your coworkers are lazy fucktards who bitch about having to work at a workplace.
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    @mcfly lol, what? 🤦‍♂️ If that's the whole picture (... and for the sake of humanity, I hope it isn't ...) yeah, I couldn't take "oh noez, more work" seriously either.

    Kudos to you for actually being productive, either for the project or for yourself. No, really, all the time you invest in learning will pay off.
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    @VaderNT (it’s for real) I do it for myself but it has an impact on the project because every time I make progress on some course I find ways to apply the knowledge right away in the project, thanks for the good vibes.
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    The day will come when ill be doing the same
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    Fucking call center work life. Your coworkers who bitch and moan to do their regular work need to be sent to such places where they can't take a piss even when their bladder is about to explode
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