Im really starting to hate applying all those jobs and having no response or that they are not interested.

Been trying for a month or so. Applied to a lot of jobs.

Just today i got first call that they would be interested. Heck the person said i would be be hired ASAP with my experience (Repairing phones hardware and software, Nearly perfect job TBH)
The issue why i didnt get it ?
The site showed it to me even tho i was looking for a part time job or remote full time job. They wanted full time guy and since im going to uni in 2 or so months i cannot just do that sadly.
I only apply to jobs for fresh out of school people or when i know i fit all the criteria required.

2 funny stories so far.
Applied and got response that they are not interested because they are looking for people with 5+ years experience in that field (In real work. Not just hobby or open source projects. (Fuck you. Count open source projects as experience)) And yes this was job for fresh out of school people. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME ?
Just how ?
Second story is basically the same.

So i truly dont know what the fuck im doing wrong.
I cant be without a job this summer as im going to uni. Yes the uni is paid by state but i still need money to live somehow.
Im even considering going to a fucking cashier job just to get some money. Yes that would be crazy but well if it will be the only choice i will take it.

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    You could apply for a course assistant position at uni. At least on second year if you have good grades, but maybe already now for some basic programming courses.
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    @electrineer Basic programming courses huh ? Well im not a great programmer but im not bad one either.
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    If I had need I'd interview you. Shit is slow thanks to the rona. I even cut my own pay just in case
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    @Haxk20 there are probably courses for people who have never programmed before
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    @SortOfTested Damn. Thanks.
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    @electrineer Yes there are. You wanna take one ? LUL
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    Damn. If people like you are struggling to get a job, there is no hope for the rest of us. Stay Strong Op!! Good luck 👍🏽
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    @srpatil Its just the Uni i suppose. IDK what else it could be.

    Like i do know some recruiters are well just not in IT. Like can be seen by the 5 years requirement for fresh out of school.

    Also it can be the area. The most IT jobs are in different city. And well travelling there could be an issue. Thus im looking for remote work or well close ones.

    Like the guy i got a call from who wanted to hire me on the spot basically he knew his shit. It wasnt just recruiter. That guy has done some work on phones.

    So yeah im not like some god or something. Just regular 20y old guy who does crazy shit with tech.

    But thanks for the kind words man.
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    there's 2 things you're doing wrong:

    1. taking the refusals/no replies too personally, and thus

    2. getting demotivated.

    don't. it's just math. i usually get about 1 response (of any kind) per every 15-20 applications.

    nothing personal, just statistics.
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    @Midnight-shcode Well TBH i dont take them personally. I know its statistics. But hey few more applications sent. Who knows.
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    Doesn't uni start in like 6 weeks? I don't think many employers would hire a student for such a short term even before corona
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    @RocketSurgeon Well yeah kinda.
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    > cashier job

    You will probably find the same issue there !

    Experienced in till use ?

    > it's just math. i usually get about

    > 1 response (of any kind) per

    > every 15-20 applications.

    For me its more like 1 per 500.

    So I think there could be more than just maths at play.

    What do you think might be special about your applications that gets you more hits ?

    Reminds me of dating site profiles, which took me years to figure out what I can do to get more responses. (Now I can get lots of responses, though they all tend to say the same thing, no, you haven't got a car for example!)
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    > Not just hobby or open source projects.

    So that's why I didn't get that job when I put down that my hobby was fusion reactor design !
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    It's tough, man. I spent 8 months looking for work last year, and that was pre- corona. I feel your pain
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    @Nanos what I feel is special ? Offffff. IDK I guess the most unique thing is that when you have applicants not many of them if any have contributed code to Linux kernel or have mainline a smartphone.
    Like there is obviously more stuff but yeah most unique
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    More hits ? You are in a comments of rant about trying to get a job. This was 1 hit. First one even.
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    @Nanos fusion reactor. Yayyyy I wanted to build one too. Even read the plans. Just didn't have the money to buy the shit needed.
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    @Nanos special about my applications? besides country of residence, that has lack of even mediocre prpgrammers, i don't think anything else.

    i mean, except the last two ones, which were both hits (got positive responses), and they were special that instead of actual resume, i told the recruiter to send links to two youtube videos which were timelapses of me working with musiv i composed playing. but to be honest, what i'm actually doing in those videos is kind of crap, so i was surprised they were hits.

    also i didn't count those two into the stats. so i believe it's literally just my country, plus last time i was sending out resumes was before the rona.
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    It can be done on a bit of a shoestring budget, some folk for example uses old wine bottles for reactor containers. :-)

    Ebay can be a good source of parts, especially when some old institutions throw away perfectly good equipment and folk get it out of the rubbish and sell it on Ebay for peanuts.

    You can also ask online for free stuff too..

    Related links:




    A few working on this:


    > Polywell Fusion: Electrostatic Fusion

    > in a Magnetic Cusp
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    > youtube videos

    A good idea that.
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    @Nanos wine bottles. Holy that's like really good idea. Blocks all the UV that could screw up with your reaction.
    Who knows maybe I will start to build one when I get a job. Thanks
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    Don't forget your boron soap for those pesky neutrons. :-)

    Unless you want to tinker with a neutron free version of fusion..

    Related link:

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    @Nanos don't worry. I won't run it unless I'm safe ofc
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    Or just turn it on from a distance. :-)

    Probably a good way to get rid of cockroaches..
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