Is Pop!_OS any good?

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    I think it was basically Ubuntu underneath with some tweaks
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    It wasn’t when I last checked. I can see you don’t like ubuntu and want to find something with better appearance so consider elementaryos. I liked it a lot and used it for years.
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    @uyouthe I never got to test Ubuntu, i could never get it installed
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    @frogstair even ubuntu 10.04 was the easiest system to install, easier than windows. You tried unetbootin? I guess so. Maybe you have some specific hardware that is so rare that it doesn’t work?
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    @uyouthe I had some weird errors, like error boxes where only question marks appeared, so I dropped it
    I could install pop OS though, without any troubles
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    It's my to go system on my surface! Everything just works. (even the surface pen works perfectly!)
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    One of the best out of the box experiences you'll get on Linux, along with Manjaro and Ubuntu.
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