I know I say this all the time but I want to stab my eyes out every time I see the media refer to cloudflare as a “cyber security organization”. They are quite the opposite

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    they are just a bunch of evil botnet providers who converted to being CDN instead, same shit as Facebooks partner AKAMAI
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    Well, at least they are a privacy friendly organization!
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    @linuxxx hehehe that one was good
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    The usual game.

    Oh... Some pages down.

    Seems like <Company has an issue>

    ... Did they Touch BGP?


    ... Oh when will they learn. *sigh*
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    @linuxxx I’m not sure I can even process that as a joke~~
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    @FrodoSwaggins 😄 yeah that was dead sarcasm.
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    Care to explain? I don't get it.
    I know that cloudflare protect against ddos attacks, but what did I missed.
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    @notSoCoolGuy They protect against ddos attacks by inspecting all traffic between users and websites to determine what traffic is legitimate. As in an https backdoor. They also rewrite responses and inject JavaScript, etc. into webpages. Cloudflare is quite literally the antithesis of privacy.

    And for speculation: anything as large as cloudflare (especially with the sheer volume of unencrypted data they have access to) is absolutely going to be under the NSA’s thumb and microscope. Absolutely the antithesis of privacy.
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    @Root thanks I was not aware of that.
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