Random morning idea.

Does anyone have experience setting up solar power systems? Where did you get the parts?
I see a lot of them online but most are made in China, just like everything else, and really cheap. While I don't mind buying products made there, I'm skeptic about stuff like this.

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    Guten Morning.
    I buy my parts from Conrad.

    Deutsche Qualität.

    High quality everything.
    May cost extra shipping but damn they've got some nice polycrystalline panels.
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    @Ranchu Thanks!
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    @Ranchu Conrad is just expensive and still just as lousy as their unbearably crappy online shop is.

    @rutee07 There should be parts on any electronics store, or even on Amazon where you can go through the customer reviews of the parts and of course ignore the fake reviews.

    As dedicated store where you can even get industrial parts, not just consumer shit, I can recommend Digikey.
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    @Fast-Nop I'm going to answer with "yesn't".
    Their online shop is lousy as all hell (common theme with German online shops in my experience).
    Products however never disappointed me.
    Regarding the price, I got no defense.
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    @Ranchu I get my stuff from Reichelt and it's cheaper most of the time.
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    Nothing wrong with buying the cells there - they tend to all be just as fragile (very) and just as efficient (meh ish) wherever they're made.

    Buying full panels however is worth spending more decent money on - cheaper ones can use epoxy that fades over time, and can have dodgy solder connections that work loose over time. Some of the really crappy ones even miss out obvious, essential features like bypass diodes.
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