The older I get, the dumber I become.

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    Like dementia isn’t a thing lmao
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    Come here and destroy my asshole though, I’m still waiting
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    @uyouthe Have you recovered from last time?
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    @rutee07 when I asked you to come to destroy my ass, you never came. You actually destroyed my heart. Am I recovered? Probably. You fucking liar
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    Or rather, you become mroe aware of your own shortcomings. Good thing about that, is that it proves you're growing!
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    @uyouthe Woah, woah, woah. It's not my fault that my dick is too girthy for your puny little arteries. I did my best to make it fit, used blood as lube and all.

    Come here, I'll make it up to you. Bend over, you freak.
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    @NoMad I hope that's it. I'm starting to think that the medication I took for depression in the past must have messed up my brain for good.
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    We call that wisdom.
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    @rutee07 was it neuroleptics? If it was, you’ll be fine in six months to a year
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    @uyouthe Yes, the last time I took it was November last year. I sure hope I get back to normal soon.
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    @NoMad Came to post this. I cringe thinking about how I knew everything when I was a kid. You merely adopted Dunning-Kruger, I was born in it.

    Same thing with code. The more I learn, the more I realize how trash my work is.
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