!rant but has someone played with cockroachDB?

Only curious 'cause I'm kinda sorta tempted to fall for their bullshit for a bit and actually try it out.

Plus their name starts with cock so they get bonus points.

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    I had to actually Google that name to see if that's not a typo.... xD
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    @theKarlisK yeah the keys are like next to each other...

    at least they didn't call it CockrotDB
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    they are postgres driver compatible, can be installed using k8 or docker, it’s geo retrieval optimized database ( google spanner paper ) made by ex-google guys one of them is python tornadoweb maintainer, didn’t use it professionally but observe it from start, looks promising, they got baidu as client from start.

    If you want to optimize speed by adding geo optimized database and you have postgres I think you can give it a try easily by just moving some data there.
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    @vane hey mate hope you're doing well. i've read their stuff, seems legit, was just wondering if anyone actually tried it...did you?
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    @molaram I just run it using docker and played with it using psycopg2 so not much.
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    @molaram I find it so funny that I don't even have to look at your profile to know that you are from England. It's just so easy because only the British are the ones laughing the loudest when they hear the word cock haha God damn I watch way too much Top Gear and just hear James May in my head saying "Oh COCK"
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