A new day, some new angular cryptic bullshit.

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    Google the first row of each error stack and 99% sure there will be someone else with the same thing.
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    Ah, classic angular.

    It’s kewl to bash React now, but React errors are almost always super-clear and descriptive. I feel cared about when I use react.

    But CLJS Re-Frame errors are still the best and are absolutely unparalleled.
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    @uyouthe Who's bashing React? :o
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    Ok, now I'm loosing Interest points on Angular
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    @vintprox Don't. Go react or Vue, except if you want to work in a bank or for a big corporation.
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    @ostream me. Vue is far superior imo. But again, they're tools. Whatever floats your boat.
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    @100110111 I don't know, Vue sounds like Angular light while React is based on a very solid principle which make it kind of easy to grasp. But yes I guess it comes down to preferences.

    I disagree all tools are made equals though. Some actually care about the developer experience. Angular is like "Here's a stacktrace from hell now go fuck yourself".
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