So I've been a developer for a relatively short time and I try my best to write as clean and maintainable code as I can following common standards, conventions and applying every technique as I learn it, but the code base and database structure that I'm working with is forcing me to do stuff in a dirty way many times because I don't see another way other than refactoring the whole code base and that bothers me.

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    Should be rant tag

    Some pro advice: readability and maintainability is always down to the team. It's about getting out of your own way.
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    @SortOfTested my bad I thought the default devrant tag counted as rant hahah, thanks for the advice, but it's still hard when the rest of the team has an I'll jump off the wagon as soon as I can mindset
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    Many say you have to vibe with the team.

    I say you can talk things out as a professional.

    But in reality it’s always a mix of both, never actually reaching an point of acceptance, regardless the team effort and knowledge of each individual.
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