Don't you just love automated bots..


No !

You enter a website, click on the "Do you want to chat to an advisor" button..

You type in your question, and instead of a real human, you get a bot that ignores your question, and asks you lots of questions itself..

Such, what is your full name..

Your email address !

Then finally, after lots of multi-choice questions, you get to ask your question, again..

Why do you need to type it in twice !

Same goes for your *answer*, they need your email address, again !

What, you forgot it already from 5 minutes ago when I entered it the first time !

It's like when you ring a support line, the automated switchboard asks you to input your phone number, your customer number/etc.

Then, when you get through to a real human, they ask you the same questions all over again !

I asked them once, why ?

Well, they told me, the automated switchboard doesn't pass that information on.

So, why does it need to ask you in the first place if that information isn't being passed on !

It's like getting an insurance quote, it goes like this:

Blah, blah blah, date of birth, xx / xx / xxxx

Blah, blah blah, date of birth, xx / xx / xxxx

Blah, blah blah, date of birth, xx / xx / xxxx

Blah, blah blah, date of birth, xx / xx / xxxx

Repeat 20 times..

What, they keep forgetting it !

Or, its to check you aren't faking it just to get a quote..

As if a faker wouldn't have their fake DOB written down on a piece of paper right in front of them...

Similar with electricity companies, you just want to know the tariff, you don't want to fill in a long form about who you are, where you are, how many light bulbs you own, etc...

Can you imagine going into a supermarket and every time you pick something up from the shelf to check the price on the bottom (Because its not written on the shelf anymore..) you first have to scan your photo ID, and answer 20 questions..

Then scan your ID a second time, because the first time it didn't store the data to pass onto the price reveal module..

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    If they don't advertise the price right away, it means that it is so high that nobody who would ask about it would take the offer anyway.
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    That used to be the case, but no practically everyone is doing it !

    No longer is it plastered on the front page of a website:

    "Only $9.99!"

    Now its hidden as if its some national security secret, where they must get your email address to send you endless spam till the end of time.

    I still get spam from companies that went bust 20 years ago..
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    @Nanos I go still by that rule and close the website. The only exception is for professional tools for my company, then I'll get a quote. But then some thousand EUR aren't much if the SW is worth it.
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    "price reveal module" - nice idea to implement ;-)
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    If I did that with some products, there would be none left !

    Reminds me of joining dating sites to discover there is no one within 500 miles of me on that site !

    Why couldn't they tell me that before I joined..

    Generally though, I do try and follow that rule myself, I'm not keen on websites that mess you around with pricing information.

    It's quite nice when vendors wander into my forum groups, I welcome them, and the first question I ask is, "How much?"

    Since that is what everyone else wants to know too..
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