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FX [ Decides to leave feedback / review... ]

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What would those be ?!?

I mean, I've only been a customer since like, forever !

FX [ Goes to read small print.. ]


To contribute to Community Features (for example, Customer Reviews, Customer Answers), you must have spent at least £40 on Amazon using a valid payment card in the past 12 months.

Well, FU then.

The item took 4 months to arrive as it was. (Which I thought might be worth mentioning in the review, along with how the item is actually the same as another item with a different name..)

This item was supposed to be according to the reviews, superior to the other brand..

Only, they are both made by the same parent company, even come in the same type, style of boxes !

So, really are "The same"..

So you don't need to wait 4 months to buy the better version.. (Which is oddly cheaper..)

But I can't tell anyone this, because Amazon won't let me..

They come in different sizes (small, medium, large I think.. small for fingernails, larger for toenails, though if you have small toenails, small will do for both! or larger for fingernails if you have huge fingers..), and lots of different models (With different features..), pricing from $10 USD to $30 depending upon which one you want.

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Shows you a good selection in relation to hand size.

I went for the G-1200 (pictured.) as it has a nail catcher, but I wasn't sure if it would get in the way of cutting toenails, or if the nail catcher bit was removable or not.

It doesn't get in the way, and is removable.

It doesn't work very well in practice to catch nails mind you..

The other model is the G-1113, similar, no nail catcher, less plastic.

Both come with a really good nail file part, so you don't have to lug half a brick around to finish your nails with..

Only took me 50 years to hear about them..

This has been a public service announcement..

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    Why is the bloody picture blue !

    Is it because its a png file ?

    lets upload it as jpg then and see if there is any difference..

    Oh something about lost transparency when I converted it..
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    It vaguely reminds me of some groups I still kinda belong to.

    New members will see me, and ask how long I've been a member..

    Well, 28 years ago, the group was founded by our now dead leader, I was the 5th person to join their group about 2 hours after it was created..

    So, yeah, I've been here a while, read everything ever written by anyone in the group, and still think everyone else here is a complete idiot, apart from me. :-)

    Well, actually, a few non-idiots do join from time to time, but then leave, either because they find the place full of idiots. (Apart from me..) or they get kicked out for daring to disagree with the group being 100% right about everything..

    Which about sums up about 99% of groups in the entire world I notice..

    Incidently, sometimes its wise to not officially join a group, but just to sneak into their meetings, since you have been there forever, folk just assume you are a member. :-)

    That way you can join every group!
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    I wish I'd spent less than 40 quid on amazon >.<
    I bought a dyson with my reward card points.
    I probably have a problem.
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    I rarely use Amazon since most stuff is cheaper on Ebay.

    Maybe once a year at most, perhaps once every two years..

    Amazon give reward points ?

    Ebay do, but if you don't spend them physically locally within 6 months, you lose them from what I can gather.

    Nearest local point to me to spend them in is 500+ miles away, and would cost me a small fortune to travel there and back !

    Local travel is a bit like this..


    > CAR DUMP in ocean during

    > huricane stormy weather
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    There's a reason why amazon search is so crappy and frustrating
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    It was coded by the same folk who did the Ebay one.. ?

    And Facebook..

    I often find myself reporting a specific search engine being unable to find something I know is in its database.

    Each time the company fixes it..

    And a year or so later, its broken again..

    I must be the only person telling them, since who searches for something they already know where it is, just to check its working !

    Well, I want to know if I'm searching for something I don't know is there or not, that if it is there, it will tell me..

    Doesn't anyone test these things..
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    @Nanos they optimise it for best profits, not best customer experience
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    Maybe, but could it just be its badly coded ?

    Since it seems almost universally difficult to find one that is well coded !

    I have difficulty imaging not finding the thing I want to buy is best for profits. :-)

    It reminds me of here, when I suggested strongly that the local carpark needs to be bigger, because otherwise, where are all the tourists with fat wallets going to park..

    So much negative feeling against the idea !

    But they did eventually do as I suggested, and it didn't cost $50,000 !

    I think it cost the price of a crate of beer, some earth moving equipment, and some gravel from the local quarry down the road..
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