I`ve always been a user of both macs an pcs an I´ve dealt with bs and issues on both operation systems. If you take a look at your currenty computer an os, which bug or "feature" annoys you the most?

For me it`s the "spelling and grammar autocorrect-feature" in Mac OS which seems so baked into the system, that even Apple`s own programs such as Final Cut Pro automatically correct potential spelling mistakes in your projects and don`t respect the global settings, when you deactive the feature ... this is especially annoying if it`s correcting names etc.

I´m interessted to hear from you...

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    Clippy has played a much smaller role with every windows release 😭

    I left when Clippy left.
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    The "spelling and grammar autocorrect-feature" on macOS can be easily disabled (Google is your friend).

    That's one of the 1st things I do when configuring a new machine.
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    @LiterallyJesus haha - my PC could never handle clippy :-)
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    @zlot Thanks, but I guess everybody who`s not completely new to Mac OS knows this setting. The problem is Final Cut not respecting this setting after a short amount of time...
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    Windows pushing Teams and having these cringy "did you know" things at the startup screen.
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    Generally I tend to get aggrivated when they deliberately obfuscate or plain remove control over configuring things. The way teams and skype does this with audio is a good example. I have to check 3 different audio settings every time there's a sound issue because they try to take care of it for me.

    For a more specific thing that drives me up the wall in windows: Ironically, window management. Can't fix a window or app to a screen or virtual desktop. Can't bind hotkeys to jump to specific window, app, or desktop (I LOATHE alt tabbing through an indeterministic heap as if having more than 3 things up "isn't really how you are meant to use it"). Can't unbind some key combinations without making regedit hacks.

    I tried some third party tiling managers for windows and I appreciated their effort, but they were hacky at best and came with a bucket of caveats.
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    @ltlian this.. at one point I tried to up my Windows environment by trying to slap on stuff like virtual desktops and such (before it was finally added with Win10) and while it was nice when it worked most of that stuff really was just a hacky thing ducktaped onto another hacky thing with bucket of leftover bits 'n bolts, all of which would break at the first opportunity. And every once in a while a windows update rolled around and blew that bucket into your face with an impressive explosion.
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    @zlot I disabled it and according to the checkbox it is disabled, but it‘s still autocorrecting ... oh sweet catalina ...
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    Oh I so hate apple’s autocorrect. Every single day it suggests the wrong crap. I don’t really use my windows machine any more... it’s been updating for the last 10years hahahha
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    For Windows 10 is definitely the updates, which have broken again and again in the past, and the overall mess on it.
    The lack of a proper package manager is a huge pain in the ads
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    @LotsOfCaffeine jup, a solid package-manager would be great
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    @skoobi Nothing better than rendering out a 4K-Interview over hours and uploading to the client to have a specific name automatically corrected to some bs... I love Apple`s Final Cut Pro, but man... get your Software straight
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