React native: Is a bare workflow better or Expo for my first time building with it? I've already gone with expo quite a bit of the ways and im finding that I have to use expo's libraries (location, permissions, ext) if i want my life to be made easy. Cause i cant use react-native cli to link libraries automatically or open them in xcode to link manually sense they're not technically xcode apps.

Is that the only answer with expo is to just use all the expo libraries in effort to stay compatible and not handle more overhead ?

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    Expo is like a comfort bubble, but then again I just popped it, because I don't like too much magic.
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    Expo is great for the wireless live debugging, the build process is kinda meh
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    @vintprox I fee the same a lot of the time but also I’m not an iOS or android dev, I’m primarily a web dev and don’t want to spend half my time figuring out different builds.
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    @yellow-dog that’s one of my main reasons for sticking with it. It’s one button deploy to any android, iOS or web console
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