Believe it or not I once interviewed at google a very long time ago. People who know me will know why that’s so impossible to believe. I was out of money and needed a job badly. I studied so insanely hard. I must have solved every “implement this” problem on the internet, I wrote an amortized constant time database and a compiler for three ancient computer programmig languages in preparation. Literally 11 weeks of 20 hours per day studying. I didn’t get the job still. I’m definitely a better engineer now than I was then, but this should still go to show how hit or miss those interviews can be. Don’t despair anyone!! Not worth anyone’s time. Don’t worry though, I got another job and I got offers from google in the future and to this day they contact me trying to get me to jump ship and join them every year, but I stopped responding because now I know what the company actually does -_-

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    you could move to Zurich Switzerland the Google Europe HQ. It's really nice here in Zurich. Ranks first and second on the most livable places on earth. Swiss wages are among the highest in the world.

    🎥 Most liveable city, 2019: Zürich

    Google Switzerland GmbH - 28 job offers on jobs.ch
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    @heyheni *they try to get me to join them twice a year
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    @heyheni I don’t know what I’d do if I ever had to quit my current job. I would honestly still consider google if I was working on a fully open project. Even that’s weird because it’s still helping google dominate information. I also don’t like a lot of the open projects google has, take k8s for example. Just not a good solution but has wide adoption because google. Also has led to google engineers taking over a lot of other good open projects and messing them up with googley ideas. That type of thing pisses me off.
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    Yeah, FAANG interviews are routinely a dice roll. It's more knowing people who can pull you in. The odds of you being a walkin and getting the gig are slim to none.
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    @SortOfTested I will say this, the last time I interviewed at google and got the gig I did it without inside contacts. But my current job I did have an inside contact who recommended me, so I really can’t disagree still
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    Usually you'll want director-level pull to slot you in. I wouldn't work there no for all the pesos in oaxaca.
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    @heyheni Im from the usa. A couple years after college my employer sent me to work in la chaux de Fonde, Switzerland for 4 months. The country is beautiful and the train system is awesome
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    @SortOfTested all the pesos in Oaxaca amount to about $1200 US dollars no?
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    Hey now, they had that infrastructure project recently that increased it to at least $1450
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    You should have worn black/brown/yellowface instead of working. They love it, jk dont ban me pls
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