Forced to turn on video during meeting. Haven't showered in week. Had just a crumpled v-neck white t on, hair a mess.

If they want you to be business ready they should announce video before joining meeting.

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    I would have just said, "yeah, for some reason after the last round of company updates my webcam stopped working. Should we set aside some task time to work with IT support to get it fixed? It will probably take time away from the project as I'll need to mail them the laptop."
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    I probably should have. My teammate put three layers of scotch tape over his and it makes him and his surroundings completely obfuscated.

    Alas, my background made it worse being in my dingy super small kitchen.

    Prob not the best idea to turn on the webcam. All well.
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    This thread stinks.
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    Easy : 'I don't have a cam" (Which is true btw)

    I'll usually just stream some space cam via OBS
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