To all "I hate microsoft" weepers out there. :)

Well, I like the way Microsoft moved. I LOVE Nuget, I like Github. I like how you they moved to open source!

I like Visual Code, love Visual Studio Community Edition, hell yeah some dont do that I heard. About Dotnetcore: (asp)dotnetcore is a fucking miracle. I LOVE it, I LOVE the conventionmodelbuilder, I LOVE how they allow DI. I like the easy shipping, I like the cutting of dependencies. I also like Azure, And to be honest:I like the C# language. I even think it's the best I ever had to use. And I love LINQ, I love Entity Framework, and WPF!

I like the way all that works together, integrated, without having to fuck around, (think of maven+gradle and crap conventionless plugins).

I like their documentation, I like how they keep you up to date. I like their feedback programme, which actually gets issues done.

I like their developer-first approach. I like their focus on SOLID, code quality and development guidelines.

I like a lot about them. frankly, I would still prefer them to all this linux and java crap, even if they took away my favorite shortcuts..

Lets be honest... You rant about that? Then you never seriously tried big scale software engineering with that. Its a charm,

Universities.. stop teaching people that java bullshit.

Now burn me.

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    I was fine it.

    But the last 2 sentences... I don't like.

    Universities shouldn't teach a single program language.

    Let people learn what they like and what they hate. That's what education should be about.

    So yeah. Stop the "teaching a specific language" bullshit - totally fine because some people from university have such a narrow mindset that you'll have to beat the shit out of them before you can really work with them.
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    I like CVE-2020-1350
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    What I like about Microsoft's docs e.g. for the WinAPI is that it's well written, well cross-linked, the search works, it has code examples, and it even has "don't do this and that" warning hints.
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    I like the developer experience with Microsoft products. It's Windows treating me like an idiot I have a problem with.
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    Nah windows is awful

    And I especially hate the way the jerk themselves off with "muh open source" when in reality not much changed to their attitude. See vscode, it's marketplace or C# debugging on vscode
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    With "Windows 7", Microsoft even made a good OS. Too bad they discontinued it...
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    @Oktokolo I'm still on Win7 for the moment.
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    The moves in favor of open source appear more to be unsuccessful attempts to embrace, extend, extinguish. But also the reality of most customer facing technologies today is that open source is the default, and if you want to move products, you have to interoperate with them. I wouldn't mistake that behavior for being, "developer first," or indicative of an attitude in favor of open source. It's just the way the wind is blowing. Adapt or die.
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    Oh I burn you! You forget to mention TypeScript! Microsoft managed to turn JavaScript into something usable!
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    Am I the only one that's reminded of the Major's "I love war" speech from Hellsing while reading this, my brain even read it in his voice
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    Python developer: a challenge, try multiprocessing/daemon processing in Windows and don't rant about it.
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    The spirit is there, but the implementation is subpar.
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    @k0pernikus +1000000 for that, it made my React native development life too damn peaceful, I used to use Javascript and always made typos and issues hard to find lol
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    What if we talked about microservices? Still wanna think about C#, dotnet and friends? I dont think so 🤪
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    absolutely. microservices in asp.netcore are done pretty easily.

    hosting them also
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    The previous project I was on was microservices in dotnet core running in linux containers which worked great. The only point of abrasion was having to use windows for visual studio and WSL for the makefiles that configured and spun up everything needed for the dev environment. Docker compose wasn't enough due to our private nuget feeds and container repos.

    Yes, you can use VSC for working with dotnet in native linux, but when your team has a VS license I couldn't justify spending all that time configuring VSC to provide the same functionality that's out of the box in VS. I might give it another go the next time I run into a similar situation, if only because of how hilariously bad multi-cursor is in VS. But I digress.
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    You are right, it shouldnt be "stop teaching them java" it should be "stop letting them believe that java is ftw and microsoft sux".. when all you have is a hammer ....
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    @ScriptCoded yup, popcorn time!
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    Never. Said. Noone.

    No offence on ms but they got a big no-go for me when it comes to development.
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    The second they start to actually show that they give a fuck about privacy instead of just pretending, I might give their stuff a shot.
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