Fuck meetings.

I honestly hate the never ending, meaningless discussions where everyone just shouts and go in circle.

What a waste of time and life.

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    One of the things I hate most of the corporate word
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    They just need to feel like they are important
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    @uyouthe this is exceptionally true.
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    only meetings, that don't take place, are good meetings 😏
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    @MjSt wise words 🙏
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    I have this colleague that always schedules a meeting for stuff like: let's talk about how we should log. And the whole purpose of the meeting is to say: yes let's write logs at important points.

    I mean... duh.
    Just do it! A little common sense should be enough to know when a log may help when debugging issues later on.
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    @ShotgunSurgeon lol can you not decline such stupid meetings?
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    I am but they are sometimes somewhat disguised. But maybe I should request an agenda for every meeting he wants. even if I don't like a formal agenda...
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    @ShotgunSurgeon lol yes. Lately I am so overwhelmed with meetings that it is draining me ..
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    As our team grew to now 7devs and one po I suggested that we use the 3 amigos principle for most of the meetings. (po plus 3devs). That way I am now able to avoid about 2/3 of the meetings. Maybe it could help you too? 😉
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    @ShotgunSurgeon yeah, meetings have to happen sometimes, you just need to manage it well. There are different ways to achieve that but at some point you just have to. My company hired some external trainers. They weren't particularly awesome tbh but at least they showed us where we have problems. And then we just talked and came up with reasonable solutions.
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    @HCC5GDKc7 Yes you are right. sometimes a meeting is absolutely necessary. I worked as agile coach and scrum master for 2 1/2 years and tried to moderate every meeting to stay on track but this time I am hired as normal dev so I'm trying really hard to not fall back into the scrum master role. maybe that's why I hate the current meetings even more. they are inefficient and never moderated. So I'm a bit torn between starting to moderate or just bearing with it... 😐
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    @ShotgunSurgeon what's PO and 3 amigos thing?

    I'd love to explain.

    Man I am a Senior Product Manager and my product team size if around 300+ folks and countless external stakeholders.

    Yet I'd like to know..
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    @Floydimus It's just a name for reducing the amount of people who are needed for meetings. the idea is to choose representatives from different qualifications like tester dev support ops together into meetings instead of the whole teams. For each meeting these representatives should change. The idea is, that it's good enough to have a subset of the teams for meetings to get the same results. most of the time at least. This reduces the meeting load on the individuals. But it's not applicable for every meeting or person. As pm it's probably no way to avoid most of the meetings. Hmm hard to explain but there are some articles on this. Maybe this one: https://google.com/amp/s/... (didn't read)
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    @ShotgunSurgeon Got it man.

    Thanks. Will check the link.
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