So me and my friend had to create a script while we are mainlining some phones.
As you can imagine you have to build the kernel a lot and test often. As a Linux user that calls for a script.
Since the friend already had one I asked him for it.
Upon reading it I saw sudo when using fastboot. That is not needed when set up properly which I know he did since he can debug with ADB without sudo.
So I ask about it.
"Well that's just so that I don't flash old build when the current one fails and I don't wonder why it's still broken"
So I played some room music and created the top of the freaking line building script for our needs. It had everything. Making back up of the old builds. Error checking if the build fails and even tells you to fix it if it fails (LOL I had to do that).

So I send him this script. He looks at it. Thanks me and sarcastically says she it's just tiny improvement over mine lol.

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