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    Twitter makes bank.
    And it isn’t from ad revenue.
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    @Root what do you think they make money from them? Bitcoin scams?
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    @pxeger Let’s see.

    • Billions of people use Twitter.
    • Those billions of people each have their own interests
    • Those interests are easy to coax out of user data with analytics.
    • Those interests are valuable to advertising companies.
    • Automated analysis of user data makes Twitter a lucrative business model, even without ads
    • Twitter adds “relevant” ads anyway to further increase margins, saying “it’s what keeps our service free” and “you are in control.”
    • Mhm.
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    I dunno...seems nice to actually ask...

    Alternatively they don't ask...
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    @Root ultra stonks 📈
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    @N00bPancakes no, I already told them no to personalised ads, but they ask again every now and then in hope that I accidentally click yes
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    Did they ask to set your gender, too?
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    15 years later and I still don't understand why twitter exists.
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    @molaram It mainly exists for leftist circle-jerking...
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    So you can opt out from id5 now ?
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    Daaaaark paaaaatterns
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