Embarrassing moment day 2.

I push a fix for a bug just to introduce another more severe bug. (Checkout after payment hanged ~15s)

Freaking out because it's on production. Turn to my lead for guidance, he writes back idk you fix it, you created it.

Found the issue extended from improper class that a function was called again and again that caused a recursive flow.

Fuck me this is a bad week

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    Action items:
    - Write tests.
    - Use CI.
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    What does Cl mean?
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    @notThere continuous integration; basically building your codebase and testing it in more incremental steps as opposed to only testing the final release
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    Good thing you discovered it your self.

    But its in my opinion not something to get hung up on. Get it fixed and evaluate why it happened.

    Was the code difficult to work with or was there some strange dependencies.

    Bugs happen all the time since almost no business is prepared to pay for the time and resources required to do full testing, just look at Boeing.

    What we can do is identify code that is prone to cause bugs and refactor it to be easier to work with or add lots of unit tests around it to catch regressions.

    And hopefully have a culture where bugs do not cause ridicule or reprimand unless one has really broken agreed protocol, like merging without code review or what ever quality testing you have.
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    If you introduced a more severe bug than the original one you solved, then you back out that change right away. Then the pressure is off while you find a fix.
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    @AlmondSauce yeah it wasn't up to me. I did revert my commit with a quick fix that was pushed out. My final fix will go out next release
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