A month ago. The code for a feature was removed because my boss thought it would not be required. When that was done, a lot of regression testing was done and a lot of code was changed all over the code base. And those changes were merged to main branch along with a bunch of other changes.

But now, he wants me to put that feature back just as the release date is approaching. It's just a humongous waste of time. Now I need to find where all the tentacles of that bloody feature reach and manually put back the code. And the bloody testing needs to be done all over again.

When will I get to stop dealing with these kind of people.

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    when dealing with idiots its best to hide the UI elements and leave the code in at least for a while, just in case the fucker changes ITS mind.
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    Wait, are you saying your boss doesn't do backups for codes?
    Like: "ah yiss, a major change in the code, lets do a backup first!"
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    @Cup0coffee We do have Version Control but the problem was that particular change went together with a bunch of other changes. Whoever thought that was a good idea.
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    @-red damn it!
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    I am so sorry.
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    Also: do you have plans for the event he decides he needs that feature re-added?
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    Could you rewrite feature to be more abstracted out and not be embedded in so many parts of other code?
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    @superposition Yes that can be done but the problem is that 'something' needs to be done unnecessarily which could've been avoided by not rushing into decisions.

    Nice username by the way.
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    Well, to play devil’s advocate: sometimes client requirements change and it’s not the fault of the boss.

    I was recently in a project where I was pissed with our boss for changing requiements last minute. But turned out or client was on the verge of a super sensitive merger so they couldn’t disclose how the deal was going. They just changed reqs suddenly.

    Sometimes we must accept sudden priority changes!
    (but we should always refuse to do over-time due to last minute planning)

    I had to say ”fine, we’ll reprioritize the backlog but we still only do 40 hour weeks”
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