Loving things I used to hate when I was a teenager is the most surprising thing happened to me ever.

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    Like the joy of learning.
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    Or Brokkoli....
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    Funny thing. When I was a teen I was into art and music, and studied 3d animation for a couple of years hoping to get into game dev. I did some modding and a couple unsuccessful collab projects.

    I remember talking to one of the devs of the Bigworld engine (now owned by WarGaming; World of Tanks etc) and mentioning how I'd be into committing to any of these creative fields based on what's needed most in the game dev field, just not programming ugh - and I went on a little cringy rant that basically came down to a "it's a shitty job but someone has to do it I guess" type angle.

    Nowadays I haven't done art or music in probably a decade and I'm happy to have found my dream job in software dev. Letting me study whatever I wanted was a terrible idea.
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    I fucking love onions now, even raw.
    I absolutely hated them as a kid.

    It’s pretty strange.
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    @Root I still hate Onions but enjoy snack made from it.
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