How the fuck does the algorithm at Devrant work!?

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    The rant leprechauns decide who wins
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    i am prety sure they do not count the ++, because i witnessed several highly upvoted posts, that were not on the front page,... that's what i realized so far...

    i assume that upvotes start to influence above 100 ++... but no chance to test it
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    |....return select_random(db.posts.fetch())
    |async feed():
    |....yield get_next_post()
    |....return feed()
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    Each post has a depression value, then it's just bubble sort.
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    Collects your data, such as rants you ++d and picks rants with similar tags and keywords
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    Rants you ++, rants you -- and some weird bubbly machine learning sorting that gives you a bunch of rants that didn't show up in the recent feed.
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    @dfox? Or is this too secret
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    Arcane non-Euclidean voodoo witchcraft👌🏻
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    @Root The legend says the code is in "Australian". I can't bear to think about it
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    @Jilano You cant fool me, with your fairy tales about "Australia". Everyone knows that it doesnt exists just like zebras.
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    @Jilano its dropbears and "gidday mates" all the way down.

    Compiled on tha barbie gcc of course.
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    @Frederick You know what, it does make sense. I always knew Coddy (@C0D4) was too perfect to exist.

    @Wisecrack We shall not escape that nightmare! Ever...!
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    @Frederick@Jilano the code is in American, somehow that makes I in AI work.
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    @C0D4 Erf, that might be even worse. Has anyone had the courage to check it out?
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    It uses a collaborative filtering algo that takes into account rants you’ve upvoted and downvoted (with reason “not for me”) and finds users with similar tastes and recommends rants based on what those users have liked.

    The algo hasn’t been changed in years, but might be getting an overhaul very soon thanks to a top secret project :)
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    @dfox thanks man
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