After more than 3 years of cobol development i wrote my first C# forms program which works like a charm so i thought, "yeah i should rewrite/port it to mobile using Xamarin, how hard could that be?"

I open a xamarin project and after an hour of trying to figure how the fuck this shit works i realize that it's going to very fucking hard since I can't even figure out how to fucking add a button!

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    Yeah, xaml is the hottest of hot garbage. It uses 10 words when 3 will do. The experiential quality is the reason js-templating solutions are so prevalent.
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    how is it to be a cobol dev? Sparing us from the potential collapse of our modern society by massaging those aching old mainframes gently.
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    @heyheni the hardware is actually all new. Most shops get new hardware as soon as it's released (or soonish). The code running on said hardware is older though for the most part (by volume).
    Plenty new stuff is written but i have worked on running code that is older than i am... that was a bizzare experience!
    But i like it for the most part. Cobol is a good language for its intended use :)
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