FX [ Wonders when he will get the latest version of Edge via Windows Updates.. ]

FX [ Waits forever... ]

Oh look, I notice when I'm on a website, it offers me a MS Edge browser install..

But, I already have MS Edge..

Well, it has a link to a MS site, so lets go and look..

Oh look, there is a new version of MS Edge out, with the same sort of name..

Was it ever going to be offered as part of Windows updates I wonder..

Well, lets install it, its been out for ages, I'm sure they have ironed all of the basic install bugs by now, right..

FX [ Installs new MS Edge.. ]

Mm.. my pictures no longer open on the desktop..

FX [ Googles solutions.. ]

Well, I tried a very simple "Repair App" route, and that worked !

I wonder what else it broke..

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I assume its going to be better than the old MS Edge, faster or something..

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    One reason they do rolling deploys is because they have found combinations with problems and hold the deploy for computers at risk of having any known problems until they think it is solved.

    It might not stop all problems but seams to be working.

    And if this is the switch from their own rendering engine to chromium there is a lot if changes that can cause subtle problems, especially if you have software that interacts with the browser like antivirus or similar.
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    I notice my version of Windows 10 is rapidly approaching the end of its life, I wonder, will I get the option to update it at some point before then, or will I have to do it manually ?
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    I won't upgrade any more PC's here then, I'll just wait. :-)
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    Well, that fix, fixed viewing jpg pictures, but it still hangs when I try and view png pictures..

    FX [ Does Windows update that takes like all day.. ]

    When I say, windows update, I mean, some of a windows update..

    Anyhow, its now fixed that so I can view png pictures fine !

    But, the latest windows update has messed up my screen fonts, so they are the wrong size..

    Maybe the next update that is downloading will fix that, or break something else !
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    Latest update fixed the font issue, hurray !

    Now, lets see if there is another update...

    FX [ Time Passes . . . ]

    No more updates it says..
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