I have this colleague from the previous hellhole company. We had our fights but he's a pretty good guy.

During our first few months there, he would tell us all that he will leave the company. Almost three years in and we're leading a team. He would always tell me "to prepare you when I'm no longer here" or "I'm gonna leave soon".

I left that company over a year ago and today, LinkedIn sent me a notification that he's celebrating his fourth anniversary. The face of frustration went away and was replaced by a huge grin. I immediately sent him a message saying, "Happy anniversary! Hahaha. Woooo!"

I can't help it. This moment is too precious. Anyway, he got the joke and took it well.

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    I worked at a University once and whenever I got frustrated at staff meetings, I'd say, "That's it, I'm moving to Australia."

    When I turned in my notice, my manager called me into our directors office.

    Director: "Do you want more money?"

    Me: "I'm moving to Australia"

    *confused look*

    Director: "So ... you want more money?"

    "No I'm moving to-"

    "No you're not. You say that ever week."

    I had to print out my visa so he'd believe me. I went and lived in Melbourne for a year and NZ for three. It was great.

    Also if you're under 30: holiday work visas. They're awesome.
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