I want tutorials that don't undermine people who have experience in programming, but are new to the field

Example: unity tutorials
This is an int, it represents an integer

I know that, show me how unity actually works, how to make the ball roll

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    But then how do you turn your docs into a successful bootcamp ;)
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    Unity is trash when it comes to tutorials, I was seeing this tutorial about scriptable objects and had to put it at 2x out of boredom. In the end it also didn't give me the info I needed which was: "why in the world the header part of these yaml files changes randomly?"

    Honestly I believe unity needs to get some stuff together
    *Closes the window*
    *Unity reimports all assets instead of closing*

    This should really not be acceptable and in any other development field it is not.
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    Unity itself produces little in terms of tutorials, but the web (esp. YouTube) is full of these. Brackeys comes to mind, I learned a lot of basic stuff from his tuts. Once you've seen his stuff google for Jason Weimann, his videos helped me to get around object pooling and other coding principles.

    But yeah, you won't find that stuff on Unity's own site. I believe there's some paid programs but guys like Brackeys and Jason are a godsent for game devs on a budget. Check them out!
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