I'm so annoyed.

I sent a request to be given permissions for something and I specified which permissions I already have and what else is missing so they know exactly what not to mess up while they're adding this. They granted me the missing ones and revoked the ones I already have.

It takes them a day or two to respond to requests and no matter how specific you are, they still manage to waste your fucking time by doing shit you didn't request for and not doing what you asked for. I already feel like crap about my tasks not having much progress.

Now I feel like I'm gonna get blamed for not re-testing the permissions I had when I tested the new ones they granted me. What the fuck, man. I feel so fucking useless right now.

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    I feel that it’s connected to this rant https://devrant.com/rants/2804284/...
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    @uyouthe It's the right team though. That's literally their job and they just granted me permission.
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    I feel like the larger a company gets, the more irritating it becomes to request permission for things.

    Access Management has removed my access to the same system four times in the past year without any warning. It's a system I use daily and there are plenty logs to prove it. It's a system that is required for my job, that all of my teammates have access to. Doesn't matter. Every few months, I come into work and it's gone. I've had tickets escalated up so far that I'm pretty sure the head of access management is aware of the issue, but it still keeps happening and nobody seems to care that all my work grinds to a halt for a few days every time it happens.

    It's bullshit.
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    @EmberQuill I wonder what's on their mind when they do that. "Got nothing to do, better revoke this dude's access so I can have a ticket to charge on when he asks for permission."
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    @rutee07 Last time I even managed to figure out who was responsible because I probably have more access than I should to our domain logs (leftover from my previous position, lol). I went directly to that person and told them to fix it and stop doing it. It got fixed, happened again three months later. Same person.

    The system I keep losing access to is our Confluence knowledge base. We ended up (for unrelated reasons) moving most of our KB over to Confluence SaaS on atlassian.net, so at this point I think I'm just going to let the access remain revoked, and ask my coworkers for help on the rare occasion when I need to see something on Confluence Enterprise.
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    I would consider it appropriate to take a 2-day paid vacation whenever this shit happens. "Joe messed with my permissions again so I'll see you next week. Don't call me before this shit is fixed."
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